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What do I receive for my annual membership?

The membership dues help defer the cost of administrative expenses that GNI incurs in order to provide you with our monthly publication – GNI BuffBuzz and our interactive online community through our Member Directory. Membership dues are due annually by the last day of the anniversary month you join GNI, unless you’ve paid for one of the multiple- year options or have become a Lifetime member. (Lifetime memberships are no longer available). Also, by being a member, you are the first to be invited to our annual Gathering, NakedFest event, or other events that GNI may be planning! To see a list of member benefits, you'll find more information on our Membership page. Return to Top

What activities do you offer throughout the year?

GNI does not usually sponsor “official” events in any local/regional area, but we may change that in the future. We'll post information on our website if any other activities are scheduled. Return to Top

How much does it cost for me to join?

An annual membership is $50 and there are multiple year options to consider which gives you an incremental price reduction. GNI reserves the right to change these rates at any time without advance notice. Return to Top

What kinds of guys join GNI? Are there any membership restrictions?

All kinds of guys join GNI! There are no real restrictions other than you must be male or self identify as male and over the age of 21. If you meet that criteria and want to have fun with thousands of naked guys, join us! Return to Top

How do I know that I’ve been accepted for membership?

The Business Office will email you when your membership application has been processed and approved. Check your spam or junk mail file if you don't find an email from us in your inbox. Return to Top

Do I have to be nude?

Why, yes! Isn’t that the purpose of joining a nudist group? GNI is a naturist organization; we are not “clothing-optional.” However, during our annual Gathering there may be inclement weather in which we allow members to wear clothes. Also, as you may see in some of our online photographs, members are sometimes dressed in costume. The pictures are from our theme parties at our events and should not be considered representative of what everyone wears when clothes are worn. Return to Top

Are females allowed to join? What about MtF trans?

No, females are not allowed to become members of GNI or to join us at any event we may sponsor. Our membership is limited to males only; thus, FtM trans are welcome. Return to Top

My partner and I are interested in joining. Does GNI offer couple discounts?

No, GNI does not have discounted rates for couples, but does offer discounts for multi-year memberships. Return to Top

Do I have to be a member of GNI to attend your annual Gathering?

Yes. Only GNI members may attend our annual Gathering. The Business Office suggests that you join GNI well in advance to ensure that you receive The Gathering information timely. GNI members in good standing receive first notice for, and an invitation to, our events. Also be sure to set your spam filters accordingly in your email to allow email from otherwise email from GNI will end up in your spam or junk mail files. Return to Top

Does GNI take credit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders?

Yes, we do.  We have tried to make the sign-up and payment process as simple as possible for both of our domestic and international members. GNI will accept personal checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks (payable in US funds) as long as they are drawn on a US bank and mailed to our location in Pennsylvania. For added convenience, we also take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (for both membership and event registrations) and PayPal (for renewing membership dues, only). If you would like to pay your membership dues with PayPal, you must be an existing member. Simply sign into your PayPal account and "Send Money" in the amount of the total dues to gni (at) We'll be notified that you sent money and we'll advance your membership to bring you current. If there are any changes to your membership information (such as new address, email, phone number, etc.) you can drop us an email and we'll update your profile with your changes. Return to Top

Are most of GNI’s members singles or couples?

About 60% of our members are single and the other 40% are couples. Many single men have attended our Gathering events only to find their partner during the week. If you are single and are looking for a partner who shares a naturist lifestyle, you may want to join us at our events, too! We also have many naturist couples who attend our event year after year and continue to meet other men for fun! Return to Top

What is the average age of a GNI member?

With our membership of approximately 1,100 active members at any one given time, the average age of our members is approximately 56 years old. Thus, about half of our membership is younger (but no younger than 21) and the other half is older. We have guys of all ages so the chances that you will find an age range that most appeals to you is excellent! Return to Top

I want to join, but I’m afraid to receive mail at my home. Does GNI mail correspondence in plain envelopes?

Members are rarely mailed anything through the USPS unless specifically asked and paid for through our a la carte mailing option. If you are concerned of receiving mail at your home, we suggest that you obtain a post office box or private mail box to ensure your privacy. The only information that you will see on the correspondence we send to you is our return mailing address. Even the letters “GNI” do not exist on our postal mailings. Please be assured that GNI respects everyone’s privacy and discretion and in no way would want to compromise our member’s interest in naturism to anyone. Return to Top

Does GNI sell or distribute its membership list to anyone?

No. GNI does not distribute, either in whole or in part, the membership list to anyone for any reason. We do have an online social community which lists our members who voluntarily desire to publish this information to other members. Your listing in the Member Directory is purely optional and GNI does not require anyone to be listed at any time. How individuals may use this Member Directory is out of the control of GNI; however, we do encourage our members to keep our Member Directory information confidential. If you are concerned that your personal information is available to the public, you can “hide” your own profile or you can contact the GNI Business Office and ask to be hidden from public view. Return to Top

I want to join, but I don’t want to be contacted by other members. How can I ensure that does not happen?

On the Membership Application form, there is a field that you can check which states, “Do not list me in the Directory.” By checking this field, no personal information will be available to other members at any time, but you will still receive official correspondence from the Business Office. GNI respects everyone’s privacy and will make every effort to ensure only the information you want (or don’t want) available to the public is done. At times, mistakes do occur as we are only human. If you’ve provided your listing preference and a mistake has been made, please accept our apologies and notify us so we can make an immediate change. Return to Top

I would like my photo listed in the Member Directory. What do I have to do to include my picture?

You may upload your own photo to your personal profile. Your profile photo should be a facial shot only, preferably bare chested. It should have good contrast (not too light or dark), and be clear. The size of the picture should be about the size of a passport photo. Profile photos that are not facial shots may be removed by GNI. Return to Top

How do I know when it’s time for me to renew my membership?

The easiest thing to do is to log in to the Member Directory and view your profile.  You will see the expiration date of your  membership in your profile details. Return to Top

There are GNI members in my area but no local club. How can I contact local men to see if they would like to start a nudist club in our area?

Chances are if you live in a large city, there is a nudist club near you. But if you do live in an area that does not host a nudist club, think about starting your own club. We're here to help. Return to Top

I want to join and meet other guys in my area. How do I do that?

Check out our Clubs link for a listing of all the clubs worldwide. If you don’t find a club in a given area, feel free to start your own! We’ll be happy to help you get started. Return to Top

I’d like to talk to a real person because I have more questions. Whom do I call or email?

You may contact the GNI Executive Director at any time for more information about anything regarding GNI or naturism in general. The Business Office is equipped to assist members and non-members with information that may be useful to those who may be traveling, interested in naturism, who may be in need of legal referrals for nude sunbathing, etc. The Business Office is a great place to start. Our Executive Director, Rick, will direct you to those who can help you or answer your questions if he is unable to directly assist you. Return to Top