Board of Directors

Meet the group of committed men who serve on GNI's Board of Directors. Click on their photo if you would like to email them.

Nick R, President

Hello! My name is Nick and I have been a member since 2006. I was 23 when I attended my first Gathering; I drove alone from Michigan, arrived without knowing anyone, and made some of the most significant friendships of my life all within 48 hours of being there. This kicked off the next 15 years of volunteering at camp working in almost everything from the auditorium, to being Rick's assistant, working in the dance club, and serving on the board. During this time I have also been honored with the Murray Kaufman Natural Man award for my activism in the naturist community, and I also have been honored with the title of Mr. GNI 2013. These experiences have taught me a great deal about how The Gathering is created and what makes camp so special to all of us. (Term ends 2024)


Brian B, Vice President

I've been a member of GNI since 2010. To say that it was a life-changing event is not being overly dramatic. GNI and The Gathering was the most significant catalyst on my journey to self-acceptance. Growing from a challenging childhood, coming out a bit later in my life, at age 43, my divorce process and impacts on my children, GNI and my brothers at The Gathering were there for me.

I've had the distinct honor and joy to be GNI's official photographer at each Gathering since 2015. This honor has afforded me a unique opportunity to engage with so many of our members at The Gatherings over these past few years. Prior to becoming your official photographer, I had the pleasure of being the assistant editor for The Informer and becoming the editor for the BuffBuzz digital newsletter (and blog). In 2016, I was given the most extreme honor of being named Mr. GNI. I believe in our organization and our mission. I've experienced first hand the impact our brotherhood can have on another man going through any number of life's challenges. (Term ends 2025)

Rory S, Secretary

I arrived for my first Gathering knowing no one and having no idea what to expect out of the experience.  I found friendship, fun, and a sense of fraternity.   For the last several years, I’ve tried to give back to GNI by volunteering with the check-in processing.  I enjoy greeting all the returning campers each year, and I especially enjoy welcoming all the new comers as they check in for their first Gathering.  Now after 14 Gatherings myself, I want to give back more as a member of the GNI Board. (Term ends 2026)


Donny D, Director

Like many of us (especially Americans), I grew up in a household where nudism wasn’t ever talked about or practiced. But in 2007, I flew on my own to Hawai’i and went to my very first nude beach. Since then, nudism and naturism have become a regular part of my lifestyle. My husband wasn’t much into even recreational nudism (an occasional clothing optional resort – but rarely the full monty) - until our first Gathering in 2019, where both our lives changed for the better – exploring nudism together within the confines of a safe, accepting, loving environment. Through GNI, I have grown as an individual; I’ve grown with the community; and I’ve met some of the most incredible men who have become an integral part of my daily life. I’m so proud to represent YOU on your Board of Directors, in hopes of giving back to a community that has given me so much. (Term ends 2026)


Dan M, Director

I believe in GNI and its ability to change people’s lives.  I know so many GNI members who have been in therapy for most of their adult life. Body shamed, insecure and gay. After attending their first GNI naked camp they no longer needed therapy because they finally realized that they are perfect just the way they are.  Making sure that GNI is successful and grows is why Iran for a position on the GNI Board.
In 2010, at my first GNI Gathering, I entered the Mr. GNI Leather contest and was selected as the titleholder. After being encouraged by several former GNI leather titleholders to represent GNI at International Mr. Leather (IML), I competed in Chicago.  GNI and competing for International Mr. Leather changed my life. Giving back to our community and especially gay naturists is a major part of my life.  Naked Camp 2023, aka the Gathering, was my 14th GNI event.
Living through the COVID pandemic we have all learned that nothing is a given.  The political environment in this country and around the world is threatening gay and lesbian communities at every corner.  We owe a great deal to the GNI board for successfully holding NakedFest in 2021 and the 35th Anniversary Gathering in 2022.  These events give us a foundation to grow GNI in the coming years.  (Term ends 2024)


Ed B., Chief Financial Officer

Ed has been GNI's Chief Financial Officer since the late 90's and co-chair of GNI's annual Gathering. Ed is a successful businessman owning a variety of businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania along with a number of rental properties in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Ed works closely with GNI's Executive Director, RIck, who both work hard every day to run the organization. Ed mixes up some mean cocktails at the nightly Cabin A8 parties. Be sure to stop by and say hi before heading off to the dance club! (Appointed by Board)


Every year during the month of May, we hold our annual Board of Directors election. If you would like to run for an open position, please check out this page for more information and details about running.