Statement on Sexuality

Our goal is to promote healthy, legal, non-sexual nude recreation.

GNI is open to all gay, bisexual, gay-friendly, and trans men who are at least 21 years old.

While GNI knows sex is natural, sex is not equated with naturism. We respect our members for their individuality (whether or not they choose to express their sexuality), seek to respect individual sensibilities as may be appropriate, and encourage our members to do the same. We also encourage sexually active individuals to practice safer sex.

Support healthy, legal, non-sexual nude recreation.




Don't jeopardize nude recreation for the rest of us. Sex on the beach is inappropriate and illegal. Please act responsibly. Don't do it in public!

Over these past few years, there has been a great deal of publicity concerning people who have endured unwanted sexual advances. Here at GNI, it is our responsibility as naturists to acknowledge that just because we are naked, that does not automatically give consent for another person to touch or make sexual advances. Please ask before touching.