Social Hours

GNI encourages participants at the themed Social Hours to be as creative as you would like, but in a manner that is appropriate to the theme and consistent with the nudist character of The Gathering. Have fun with it! (Confused about a theme? We recommend you Google it!)

GNI thanks the sponsoring clubs, cabins, or other groups whose members provide volunteer staffing for Social Hours.

Social Hour Themes

Themes and Dates for 2024

5 to 6-ish p.m. (except as otherwise noted)


Social Hour Costumes 101

Kevin, our Social Hour Manager, shares costuming tips and tricks for the themed Social Hours at The GNI Gathering.
Perfect for first timers and returning attendees!

Mingle: Social Hour Costumes 101 from Gay Naturists on Vimeo.

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Day Date Theme Group
Friday 18 TBD Bingo Beauties
Saturday 19 TBD Cabin A8
Sunday 20 TBD GNI Board of Directors
Monday 21 TBD Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and
Naturist Education Foundation (NEF)
Tuesday 22 TBD SEMEN - Cabin G4
Wednesday 23 Super Heroes Team Dance Club - Cabin C8
Thursday 24 Heroes and villians Mr GNI Leather Contestants
Friday 25 TBD Bare Bears - Cabin A1
Saturday 26 TBD Males Au Naturel (MAN)