We've got a home for you in the Poconos

Picture the most serene lake n the woods. Picture relaxing cabins ... yes, like summer camp with your friends.


Cabin Housing
Have a blast in one of the 70+ cabins that house 8-16 men each (the average cabin holds 8-10 men). Beds and mattresses are provided and can be arranged any way you like contingent upon cabin layout and cabin mate approval. Couples can feel free to push two beds together and create one big ‘King’ and/or ‘Queen’ sized sleeping arrangement. Mattresses are "twin" size only.

Camp staff is available to help get your gear to your cabin or campsite.

Each cabin has full bathroom facilities and begs for your designer touch (we can lose the clothes, but we can’t lose the gay gene).

Sorry, we do not have "private" cabins / rooms available. You're welcome to bring a tent (at no cost) for privacy. Return to Top

Tents & RVs

Tenting is permissible in certain areas of camp and may be pitched along the upper road or behind the big gym. RV's should be parked behind the big gym only. Please note there are no formal tent or RV amenities; thus, sewer, water, and electrical hookups are not available anywhere on the property. If you pitch a tent or park an RV near a cabin or building, you may be able to run an extension cord from a nearby cabin (check with the cabin first for permission) or building to your location, but that’s about all of the services we can offer. You will be assigned to a nearby cabin for shower and bathroom privileges which you are welcome to use. Each member in your tent or RV must register separately. Return to Top

Hotel and Offsite Housing

If rustic thoughts give you a rash, why not stay in a nearby hotel and join us for daily activities? Room and commute charges will be your responsibility, and no Gathering fees will be deducted for staying offsite, but some of us can’t put a price on luxury! Because so few of our attendees stay offsite, we do not have a block of rooms or have negotiated discounted rates with any hotel / motel. It’s best for you to search on Google for hotels in “Stroudsburg PA” and choose one that most suits your needs. All hotels in the area are within a 20-25 minute drive to the camp and you can enter /exit as you please (bring your name badge / ID to reenter). Return to Top

Cabin Themes available

Join one of the many Special Interest Group cabins at our annual event. If you’re looking to be housed with other like-minded men of varying interests, we have a number of cabins for bears, drag, theater, Body Electric, yoga, social, sexual, same / various age groups, couples, and our very popular leather / kink group found in Pocono Eagle! You can choose the cabin “theme” you would like to be housed in by simply checking the cabin theme box in the “Housing” section on the Gathering registration form. (Cabin coordinators may require all cabin mates to be vaccinated for COVID-19. If you're unvaccinated, please check with the cabin coordinator of the cabin to see if you can be assigned there). Return to Top


Parking is available for no charge on the camp property. There is plenty of parking for everyone; cars and trucks will park in the main parking lot or in the overflow parking area behind the big gym at the top of the hill after you enter the camp facility. RV's will park behind the big gym only in the overflow parking lot. Please display your Confirmation Code on your dashboard when exiting your vehicle. This will help us identify the owner in case we need to contact you regarding your vehicle. There is NO PARKING next to your cabin or tent anywhere on the campgrounds. Also, you will not be able to drive to your cabin to "unload" or "load" your vehicle; please arrange with camp staff to have your personal items and luggage moved for you. Return to Top

Power Chargers for Electric Vehicles

Unfortunately, there are no commercial power chargers for electrical vehicles. If you are lucky enough to find a parking place near the big gym in the overflow parking lot, you may be able to run an extension cord from the gym to your vehicle. Power outlets are limited and may be used on a first-come basis. Also, please do not claim a power outlet as your own throughout the week. As more people purchase electric vehicles and have a need to charge their batteries, until a more permanent power-charging solution is arranged by the camp, everyone should have equal access to the few power outlets that are available. GNI, nor the camp, will be responsible for any damaged electrical or extension cords for any reason - in other words, power at your own risk. Return to Top

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