Welcome to Gay Naturists International (GNI)

Whether you’re currently involved social nudity or are simply nude-curious, we at GNI are happy you found our site!

Every year since 1985, GNI has set the standard for male-centric nude events. Members travel from all over the world to come to our event. Unlike any camping experience you’ve had before, the schedule is packed so you can create the holiday you need to unplug from the world. During the day you can go to several different workshops ranging in topics, join in different activities like Twister, or just lay by the pool. The themed cocktail hour leads you into the evening where you can put on an elaborate costume, or just come as you are – naked. After dinner you can see one of the nightly shows in the auditorium. After the show, you’ll probably end up at a cabin party, the Pocono Eagle, or at any number of activities that the members host. All of this leads to ending the night at our dance club playing something for everyone night after night.

Seem like a lot? Well you wouldn’t be able to customize your ten days if the schedule wasn’t jam packed. How ever you make your fun, you’ll be having it with around 700 other guys, so making a friend, or four, will be very easy. Even after your vacation is done, GNI makes it easy to keep in touch with all the new people you met.

By that point you’ll already be a member, since you have to be one to attend camp, so that means you’ll have access to benefits that other GNI members currently enjoy. Through our website, members have access to a private social media platform, as well as a comprehensive list of socially nude male clubs. If social media isn’t your thing, then we can keep you connected to GNI through our email blasts or our member driven blog, The BuffBuzz. Please come and click through our site to discover what I’ve been talking about.

We always have room for one more!

Naked Hugs,
Nick R
GNI President