Would you like to form a men’s naturist / nudist club in your locality, but don’t know where to begin? Don K., former GNI Club Liaison, developed some suggestions for budding organizers. For your first meeting, have a potluck dinner and invite as many guys as you can. You definitely want plenty of time to discuss lots of ideas, such as:

  • Do you have a name for your group?
  • How large do you want your group to be? You really do need to set a goal and/or limits. Believe it or not, you might grow too big.
  • What is a realistic number for you and the group?
  • Do you have several locations or venues for your events? The more the merrier and it keeps the events more interesting rather than the same location over and over. It gets tiresome for the host also.
  • Are you going to allow sexual activity at your events? Some groups are non-sexual.
  • If you are going to allow sexual activity, will it be only during certain hours? Where will it be and what rules will apply?
  • Do you have rules for joining or attending events and/or membership?
  • Will you charge membership fees? If so, what do you get for your membership versus being a guest? What are the advantages of joining?
  • Will you provide a membership directory for the members?
  • What kind of name tags will you use for members and guests?
  • How often will you meet and who will be in charge of setting the events and helping the hosts? Events Coordinator/ Party Director assigns duties to everyone.
  • Will you create a website? (If your club affiliates with GNI, it is entitled to free web hosting on GNI’s server. Contact us for details.
  • What address and phone number will you use as contact information for your club?
  • Can you find some businesses, restaurants, or bars to host parties?
  • Will you raise money for charities? Some clubs raise money for children with AIDS and some donate money to the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) or to nearby mainstream naturist groups involved in political action on the local level.
  • How will you advertise or market your group to others? Do you have a gay newspaper or magazine that will allow you to print a story about your group or list your group in its organizations listing? This is extremely helpful to obtain new people, which is important to keep things interesting for everyone. There’s nothing worse than simply sitting around nude and trying to think of new things to do.


Create theme parties for many of your events. Some examples include Nudi-Gras, Boots and Bandanas, Easter Bonnet Party, and Leather Inferno. With these questions in mind or printed out (so that you don’t forget something), have your meeting and find out who the leaders in your group are and who is best suited for what duties. Remember, you can organize your group any way you feel is best for you and your circumstances. You will either attract or discourage people according to the choices you make. But almost anything you decide is fine if it works.

We would caution that any time you are dealing with a strictly volunteer organization, time and effort are always precious. Running a successful club will be very rewarding in friendships and great entertainment. Let your imagination take charge and try something new that you have never done or heard of.

Keeping things interesting is the key. Please let us know of the new things you have discovered and the fun you’ve created!


GNI has an online Member Directory, which includes profiles of all the local clubs. GNI uses the contact info listed in your club profile to keep in touch with you. At the club’s option, certain data (such as mailing address, phone number, etc.) may be kept private for official GNI use only.

Each club may access and maintain its profile in GNI’s online Club Directory via the log-in near the upper right-hand corner of this screen. providing an easy, instant, and accurate method for it to inform us of any change in contact info and to direct our members, web site visitors, and official communications to it appropriately.


Clubs may submit their logo and a brief, descriptive write-up (preferably not exceeding 250 words, and subject to editing at GNI’s discretion) for free display on GNI’s online club listing. In lieu of the gay naturist emblem indicating affiliated status, GNI can post a thumbnail of your club’s logo with its listing. An affiliated club may post its blurb in the “Classified” field of its club profile (see club profile section, above) or send the text to the GNI Business Office.

Reciprocal links: With or without your club’s logo, GNI’s online club listing features a hyperlink to the web site of every included club that has one, to the best of our knowledge. If your club has a web site, we would appreciate your placing on it, if it isn’t already there, a reciprocal link to GNI’s home page ( You may contact the GNI Business Office for help with HTML code or graphics for your link to GNI. Thank you!

If there is any change in logo, send your artwork, or the URL from which it may be copied, and a statement from the appropriate officer permitting GNI to display it on our club listing via e-mail or to our mailing address.


On a select basis, GNI may provide representation and GNI materials and share the cost of registration for a joint exhibit booth at Pride festivals, expos, or similar events with one or more affiliated clubs. GNI’s financial contribution will vary, depending on how many local clubs share the booth with us at each event.

To the extent possible, GNI will try to have one or more Board or committee members representing GNI. We are also looking to recruit local or regional representatives from among the GNI membership to distribute GNI brochures and/or other handout materials in other venues. Contact the GNI Business Office for literature.

Need help? If you would like more information or have any specific questions about forming a club, please contact the GNI Business Office.