Occasionally, GNI recruits for an Open Position we might have available - some may be paid positions while others may strictly be volunteer (unpaid). We believe the following jobs to be mission-critical positions that ensure the smooth running of logistics at camp. Activities hosted at camp and are found in the activities schedule at The Gathering are generally not mission critical and thus, are facilitated by volunteers who work hard to bring a fun and positive experience to our events. We absolutely appreciate everyone who steps up and hosts an activity; our event is better because of those volunteers. For those that do host an activity at camp, a small token of appreciation for your contribution is offered in the form of a complimentary annual membership. If you are interested in applying for one of our mission-critical, open position(s) listed below, please send a cover letter and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) / resume detailing any relevant job experience to the GNI Business Office.

How to apply for a position

The most important thing to remember when applying for a volunteer position that this is NOT a free or reduced-cost vacation. You have to bring value to the organization or the event and for that reason, GNI is not obligated to find positions for those that simply ask for one. Volunteer positions are available based on a specific need. If you're applying for a position, you must have the skill or experience to meet the need. Financial need may or may not be a factor in determining the suitability of a candidate.

Being a nudist is also not a guarantee that you will be given a position either; neither is "not being able to afford the event." Treat each position as a true job - because it is. Just saying, "I'm looking to volunteer at your event" won't do the trick. Tell us who you are, why you want to work with us, what skills and experience you can bring to us, etc. Understand that by wanting to be involved, you may be asked to work during times you would rather relax and have fun. You may be required to miss some of the exciting activities in our schedule or spend time away from friends or partners. We ask that you make a serious commitment because we are - we're investing in you and relying on you to help run the event with us.

Some posted positions may receive a stipend from GNI. These are non-negotiable. Also, open positions cannot be combined to create a larger discount. If you are awarded a stipend for one position, expect to pay whatever portion of the amount that isn't covered by the stipend, if the stipend doesn't cover the full cost of the registration fees. Finally, because we've had volunteers take advantage of GNI's generosity, volunteers will now be required to pay-in-full for the event and upon the conclusion of the week and with satisfactory work, including showing up and staying through scheduled work hours, GNI will issue your stipend for the agreed amount at the end of the event week.

"With respect to any and all Volunteer Services of the participant, GNI shall not compensate participant in any manner or provide any consideration, including (without limitation) any wages, salary, medical or other insurance, or any benefits provided to employees or contractors of GNI.  Participant shall not be considered an employee, partner, agent, representative or contractor of GNI, and nothing herein shall be construed to create any employer / employee, principal / agent, partnership or other relationship between participant and GNI.  As such, participant shall not be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.  Participant acknowledges and agrees that GNI shall not be considered his employer for any purpose."

~ GNI Gathering Acknowledgement & Waiver

No permanent volunteers - if you are awarded a position one year, you are welcome to reapply in a future year. There are no guarantees that a position will be permanently assigned to you or that you will be asked to return in the same capacity. We try to ensure that positions help as many qualified people as possible. Also, terms may vary from year-to-year based on a number of factors approved by the GNI Board of Directors; thus, stipends may change (increase or decrease) each year.

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GNI Staff:

  • BuffBuzz Editor (contact us for more information, not actively recruiting)
  • Video Content Creator - actively recruiting
  • Executive Assistant (contact us for more information, not actively recruiting)


There are no positions available at this time.

The GNI Gathering:

  • Medical On-Call (must be available for full 10-days)