Housing Questions

Please remember that there are no guarantees for specific housing requests.

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Can I change cabins if I prefer to be somewhere else?

Sure, you can ask to be assigned to a different cabin elsewhere but the availability of openings in a particular cabin or area of camp is affected by a lot of variables. You may see the Executive Director to assist you while at camp. Return to Top

When will I know what cabin I’m assigned to and who my cabin mates are?

You will receive your official housing assignment when you arrive at camp and receive your registration materials. It has been suggested that the Business Office should let attendees know in advance who is housed in their cabin. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, the Gathering housing assignments are very complex and changes are made literally up to and including the day members check in. We don’t want to confirm where they may be housed only to inform them when they arrive at camp that they’ve been moved to a different cabin for any number of reasons. There are no guarantees for specific housing requests and informing members where they are placed in advance acts as a guarantee. Return to Top

Can we rearrange the beds to accommodate couples’ sleeping arrangements?

Yes, as long as there are no objections from your cabin mates and the cabin allows for beds to be moved.  Some cabins have movable shelves that allow beds to be placed together, while other cabins have shelves that are permanently installed and cannot be moved. Return to Top

I’ve requested a friend to be with me in a cabin and he was placed elsewhere. Why did this happen?

These things happen for a variety of reasons. First, your friend may have registered after you or after the cut-off date for specific housing requests. Housing is assigned on a first-come basis so if he is not in the same cabin as you have requested, it may be due to the timing of his submission of his registration. Or he may not have requested to be housed with you, but with someone else. GNI makes an effort to ensure housing requests are fulfilled, but due to the complexity of The Gathering’s housing accommodations, we cannot guarantee specific housing requests to anyone, especially if those requests are made after the cabin housing deadline of July 15. Return to Top

I don’t want to be close to the dance club and indicated my preference on my registration form. Why am I housed near the dance club?

Housing near the dance club may be due to the date the GNI Business Office received your registration form. Or it may be that you’ve requested to be housed with one or more friends. Since the majority of cabins are “club” cabins, in order to accommodate smaller group requests, a cabin with sufficient space must be found. Oftentimes, it is the cabins nearest the dance club where new or small groups can be placed. Return to Top

Whom do I see if there is a problem with a cabin mate?

You may speak to any member of the GNI Staff or Board of Directors if you have a particular problem with a cabin mate. You will be able to recognize them by the BLUE name badge they will be wearing. Return to Top

If I signed up to tent and it’s raining all week, where can I be housed?

We will make accommodations available to guys who are tenting if inclement weather prevails throughout the week and we will announce what facility is available for them at The Gathering. Return to Top

Is there a discount for staying in an RV, tent, or at a local hotel?

No, there is no discount if you stay in an RV, pitch a tent, or stay at a local hotel and come to camp each day. The posted rates apply to all housing situations and are based on the total number of days of attendance.

I still have questions about housing. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about housing, please contact the GNI Business Office. Return to Top