General Gathering & Registration Questions

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I would like to come for a day or two. Do you allow day-passes?

Men who are attending The Gathering must pre-register, regardless of the attendance option. We’ve relaxed our rules on “day rates” but want you to know that a “day pass” consists of one 24-hour period and is charged as a flat rate fee. The daily rate is published in the Gathering section of the GNI website. Even if you want to come for a few hours, a full day rate is assessed; there is no proration of rates.  Return to Top

I may have to arrive late or leave early. Is there a discount for days that are not used for the period of time I am registered for?

You are free to arrive or leave any time during the period for which you are registered. Please be sure you understand GNI's arrival and check-in policy before you arrive at camp. Discounts or refunds cannot be prorated nor issued for any unused portion of time that has been paid. Unused time is also not transferable to any person. Return to Top

Is there a discount for couples or will there be discounts offered later in the summer?

No. There are no discounts for couples and there will be no additional discounts offered during our registration season. The prices posted will remain in effect, up to and including, the start of The GNI Gathering. Return to Top

My friend and I would like to attend The Gathering. Can one of us register for the full week, stay only half of the week and have my friend use the other half in my place?

No. Unused portions of time are not transferable to any person. A full week attendance option may not be shared by two individuals. Each must register separately for the period of time he intends to stay. There is no financial benefit to paying for a full week and splitting it between two individuals. Our pricing structure is mostly based on a flat day-rate amount on any given day. Return to Top

How do I know the Business Office received my registration form?

When you register online, you will receive an email from the Business Office letting you know that your registration form has been successfully transmitted to and received in the GNI Business Office; this initial confirmation does not confirm your Gathering attendance, but only that your registration has been received. If you prefer to mail your registration form to us through the US Postal System, we encourage you to mail your registration materials by Certified Mail to our Pennsylvania location in order to ensure that your forms have been received. Return to Top

Will the Business Office notify me that they’ve received my registration form?

No, but if there is a problem with your registration form or form of payment, you hear from us with the issue that needs to be corrected before your attendance to our event can be confirmed. Your official notice of receipt will be the issuing of your Confirmation Documents by email. Return to Top

When can I expect my Gathering Confirmation?

You can expect to receive your Gathering Confirmation via email within a few days after the Business Office receives your registration form; most are issued within 24 hours. Check your spam or junk mail file for any missing email before contacting the GNI Business Office. Return to Top

Will the Gathering Confirmation tell me what cabin I will be housed in, even if I specifically requested to be in a particular cabin?

No, your cabin assignment will not be provided to you until you arrive at camp and receive your check-in materials. Return to Top

Will the Gathering Confirmation Documents confirm who my cabin mates will be?

No, your Confirmation Documents confirms your entrance into camp, only. It will not confirm with whom you will be housed, even if you’ve requested to be housed with a particular person(s) or group. Return to Top

I’ve been a member of GNI a long time and have to cancel my registration. Can the cancellation fee be waived?

Sorry, no. If you took the Cancellation Guarantee at the time you registered, you will not be assessed the cancellation fee. Otherwise, the cancellation fee will be assessed. Return to Top

I missed the reduced rate offering and have to pay the higher rate. Can I request my registration be processed at a lower rate offered earlier in the year?

Sorry, no. All registrations will be processed with the published rates at the time your registration was submitted. Return to Top

Do I have to be a member of GNI to attend The Gathering?

Yes, only GNI members may attend our annual Gathering. You can become a member at the time you register for The Gathering by including your membership fee with your payment. You may also renew your membership at this time. You do not have to wait until your membership renewal date in order to renew your membership. Memberships can be renewed any time. Return to Top

Where can I get more registration forms for my friends?

If you register online, you will not have a need for a printed registration form. However, you will be able to find downloadable forms from this website. We encourage you to photocopy the registration form or forward the Registration Packet to your friends who may want to attend our Gathering as well. Otherwise, simply share the URL with your friend to our registration form. Return to Top

Why does the registration form request a donation for a special event?

GNI plans special events and / or activities during the week. If you would like to help defray the cost to GNI of special events, please indicate on this line and include the amount in your payment. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory. Return to Top

What is the International Assistance Fund for?

This fund was created to assist our international members who are attending The Gathering in need of defraying their additional cost for travel & currency exchanges. All donations are always optional; they are never mandatory. Return to Top

How do I sign up with a group or club to be housed in the same cabin?

Most group / club cabins have a Cabin Coordinator assigned to it. Your cabin coordinator will be responsible for arranging the housing in your cabin and he will communicate the group list to the Business Office. If you have questions regarding your group housing, please contact your Cabin Coordinator instead of the Business Office. If you want to be in a group cabin and are on your cabin coordinator’s list but do not register for The Gathering before July 15, you may not be placed in the group cabin of your choice. All group cabins are required to have their cabin mates registered for The Gathering by July 15. Registrants who do not register by July 15 may not be housed in their group cabin! Return to Top

May I sign up for cabin housing and bring a tent if the weather is nice?

Of course! You may tent if the weather is nice or if you just want to find a private spot away from your cabin. There is no additional cost for tenting and tents may be pitched only in designated areas. Return to Top

I plan to bring an RV to camp. May I register myself and bring friends with me in the RV?

Everyone who attends The Gathering must register separately and that includes any friends you plan to bring. Unregistered friends who plan to stay in an RV will not be allowed entrance into camp. Return to Top

I want to volunteer to host a workshop or seminar at The Gathering. How do I do that and how is this planned?

You can sign up to host a workshop or activity on the registration form. If you want to host a workshop or activity but you've already registered, simply contact the GNI Business Office. The Business Office will contact you to plan the time, day and place for your activity. Return to Top

I still have questions about registration for The Gathering. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about registration for The Gathering, please contact the GNI Business Office. Return to Top