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I will be traveling and would like to contact a club in the area where I am going. How do I contact that club to find out what events it is sponsoring?

The fastest and easiest way to contact a club is to call, e-mail, or visit the club’s website. You can write to them if their postal address is published, but snail mail is often slow, and a response from the club may arrive too late for you and your travel plans. GNI does not keep track of the activities of each individual club (except as may be submitted by affiliates for our calendar). With over 200 clubs worldwide, there are thousands of events going on throughout the year. Search GNI’s Club Directory. Return to Top

Is the club information on this website accurate? How do I know that the contact information is still good?

GNI makes every effort to keep all of the club listings current. GNI relies on the clubs to notify us of any corrections or changes as they may occur. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect information if we are not properly notified by the clubs. Return to Top

How much money should I plan to take to a nudist event of a local club?

This depends on the club. Some clubs charge a nominal event fee for an activity in an individual’s home, while others may charge more for an activity held at a restaurant, bowling alley, etc. Typically, event fees range from $3 – $10. Higher fees may be charged for more elaborate events. Check with the club first so that you will arrive with sufficient funds. Return to Top

What rules do clubs have that I need to know about?

There is a certain etiquette that nudist clubs have that a new member or guest may want to know about. First, it is common courtesy to RSVP to the host of the event before the event begins. One does not want to arrive intoxicated, and be sure to bring a towel and use it when you sit on furniture. Check with the host on smoking rules — if there are no publicized smoking rules, it is best to assume it is a non-smoking event and to smoke only outside. Check with the host regarding sexual activity. Since clubs are individually governed, rules about sexual activity may vary from club to club. Finally, be friendly and use common sense. Return to Top

This is my first time at a nudist event. I’m afraid that I may have an erection being nude with other men. If this happens, what will people think of me?

This is the most asked question we receive. Attending a nude event for the first time may cause anxiety for some men. However, there should be no fear, shame, or embarrassment if a man has an erection. An erection is a physiological response to stimuli, and the feeling of being nude and liberated is often enough to bring about an erection. Don’t worry about it if it happens to you. No one will laugh at you, look at you funny, or think you’re a pervert. In fact, we’ve all had them, and within minutes after you become comfortable with your own body and being around other nude men, the erection will go away and you will be able to enjoy social nude companionship without embarrassment. Return to Top

Are women allowed at these nudist functions?

Most gay nudist clubs do not have female members. Each club is self-governing and can set its own policy on membership. Experience indicates, however, that nudist clubs for gay and bisexual men work best when there is a “men-only” membership policy. GNI limits its membership to adult males. Check with a local club for any membership restrictions. Return to Top

Is there any sexual activity allowed at these events?

This is the second most commonly asked question. Most clubs meet for non-sexual, recreational activities. Other clubs may, however, allow sexual activity from time to time. Clubs are free to set their own policy on sexual behavior. It is important that you check with the individual club first before you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or are disappointed because you were expecting something other than a potluck or pool party. Return to Top

I don’t think that I’m attractive, young, or hung. Will I be accepted or will guys make fun of me?

The majority of men have a fear of being accepted in a nude setting due to self-esteem or confidence issues. Some may think that they may be too heavy, too thin, too hairy, too old, or simply not “large” enough. However, this is not what naturism is about. Naturism is the acceptance of the nude body in all of its shapes, appearances, forms, and sizes. As gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men, we come together for social interaction and camaraderie while enjoying the intense freedom from shedding clothes. Ironically, as the clothes come off and men relate to each other, self-esteem strengthens, confidence levels increase, and self-acceptance grows. Return to Top

May I visit a nude group first before I become a member?

Most clubs allow for first-time visitors or guests to attend an event before one is encouraged to join. Some groups request that a prospective member be “sponsored” by an existing member; other groups have an “open-door” policy for guests. Check with the local club for its policy on inviting guests and new members. Return to Top

How much does it cost to join for singles and couples?

Each group charges its own membership rates for singles and couples. Obviously, there are administrative costs that may need to be covered by some type of membership dues, including the production and mailing of newsletters, post office box, etc. Ask the local club for its rates on membership dues. Return to Top

Will my name ever be made available to the public?

Clubs try to keep member information confidential. GNI is not aware of any club that sells its list to the public, but that does not prohibit a club from attempting to do so if they so choose. GNI does not sell or distribute, either in whole or in part, its own membership list for any reason to anyone. We encourage individual clubs to follow our example. Return to Top

What types of activities do nude groups have?

Nudist clubs have a variety of activities ranging from potlucks, pool parties, holiday parties, costume parties, dinners (at restaurants), shopping sprees, Country/Western dances, disco dances, camping trips, karaoke nights, game nights, movie nights, and more. Other clubs host hiking trips, hot tub parties, beach days, volleyball tournaments, oil wrestling, massage workshops, photography workshops, etc. Some clubs even host nude roller-skating, bowling, nude sailing trips, and booths at Pride festivals. If something can be done with clothes on, chances are that it can also be done nude. Whatever you may be interested in, you will probably find an activity to your liking. If one is not offered, volunteer and host it yourself! Return to Top

I’ve heard about regional nudist camps. How do I find more information about them?

The largest and most popular gay naturist event is sponsored by GNI. Each year, up to 800 men join together for 10 days of nude recreation, activities, entertainment, and fun. Certainly, the GNI Gathering is not the only male nudist event around. There are other groups that host their own regional gatherings which may be of interest to you. If you’re interested in GNI’s own Gathering, see our Gathering webpage for more information. Return to Top

I’m naked at home all the time, but I’ve never been nude in public. Can you be nude in public places with the group without the fear of being arrested?

While many of the nude events are hosted in members’ private homes, there are some events that must be hosted at a public facility, e.g., roller skating rinks, restaurants, and the like. Before a club announces an event at a public facility, it should check first with the owner of the establishment to find out if there are any local ordinances or insurance liability issues, etc. that may restrict a nude function from being hosted there. GNI has found that when a public establishment is approached to host a nude event, it is important to explain that we are a naturist group, not a sex club. Since the facility should be secured for sole use by the naturist group, some restrictions that would apply if the establishment were open to the general public may be relaxed for a private party. While all of the necessary precautions are taken to ensure a fun and successful naturist evening, there is always a small risk that a homophobic or anti-naturist person may try to cause problems for the club that is hosting an event in a public facility. Those are concerns that a club must take into consideration. GNI certainly hopes that your club does not experience harassment of any kind, and we wish you the best in all of your club endeavors. Return to Top

I still have questions about nude clubs. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about nude clubs, please contact the GNI Business Office. Return to Top