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GNI and (TBD) are collaborating on digitizing historical documents and publications from the inception of the organization in 1984. This is a huge project requiring lots of documents to be scanned, categorized, and made available in electronic formats to the public.

Due to the nature of these records, we've restricted access to proprietary publications, schedules, and rosters to active members only. Other records will be available to the public for viewing. If you are not a current member of GNI and would like to access the members-only sections, consider joining us. You can join or renew an expired membership here.


Archived Publications

The Gay Naturist Informer

About The Informer

The Gay Naturist Informer was published quarterly by GNI since the early 1990's and was retired (discontinued) in December 2013 for a shorter, more robust publication known as The Gay Naturist E-former. Rather than being locked behind a username and password firewall accessible only to current GNI members, The E-former was a monthly publication available to everyone - active and inactive members, e-mail contacts, clubs, and the general public, thus reaching a much wider audience than The Informer.

GNI has archived back issues of The Informer here in the Member Directory. You can view each issue in one of two formats: viewable in any browser, or download the PDF and read it in Acrobat Reader. There's a large piece of history for the organization that is memorialized in every issue and we encourage you to step back in time and enjoy the memories.

  • View back issues of The Informer 1985 - 1989 (Access to Members only, contact GNI for assistance)
  • View back issues of The Informer 1990 - 1999 (Access to Members only, contact GNI for assistance)
  • View back issues of The Informer 2000 - 2013 (Access to Members only, contact GNI for assistance)

The Gay Naturist Informer was the quarterly publication produced by GNI until December 2013. Written primarily by and for GNI members, it contained a variety of articles, photographs, and information of interest to gay naturists. The publication was distributed to current GNI members, and courtesy access is provided to the officers of each local men's naturist club in GNI's club directory.

The 64-page publication was designed to be read on a computer. It contains links so that the reader can instantly obtain further information and go directly to advertisers' websites.

The Gay Naturist E-former

The Gay Naturist E-former was published monthly until December 2015 when it was replaced by GNI's online blog - GNI BuffBuzz. This new online publication is a great way to keep our members informed, along with giving visitors and those who are curious about GNI more details about who we are and what we do. It's optimized for all devices - laptops, desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc. giving everyone instant access to every article published since its creation in January 2016.

  • View back issues of The GNI E-former (Access to everyone,contact GNI for assistance)

GNI Buffbuzz

GNI BuffBuzz is the current monthly publication produced by GNI. To view our online blog, click here: GNI BuffBuzz.