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When does my membership expire?

You will be able to find your expiration date on the "Welcome" landing page after you login to your profile with your username and password. Scroll to the "Reminders" section where you will see your expiration date. Return to Top

I don’t get any announcements from GNI through their Contact Center. Why is that? Isn’t GNI interested in including me on important messages and announcements? Did they cancel my membership without telling me?

GNI very much wants to keep in contact with you throughout the year. We send occasional announcements to our membership regarding their membership renewals, Gathering announcements, NAC (Naturist Action Committee) alerts, GNI Board elections, and other activities that GNI has planned throughout the year. The reason why you may not be receiving our messages may be for a variety of reasons:

  1. Your email provider may have erroneously identified GNI’s email as a spam. Please check your spam or junk mail inbox and look for GNI’s email. If you find our email, be sure to add domain to your Safe Sender’s list.
  2. Your email address may be incorrect in our database. If you’ve recently changed your email address, be sure to update your online profile so we can keep in contact with you. We do try to update bouncing emails with new ones if we can identify them, but we cannot guarantee that we can do this in every instance. It is up to you to keep your profile information current, or at least notify the Business Office of any changes to your contact information.
  3. You may have opted out of GNI’s email Contact Center program. We have found that members who click on the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link found at the bottom of our emails opts out of all future contact that GNI makes with our members. If that is the case, we will not attempt to contact you through a other method of communication.

Opting out of mass emails

While we strongly encourage you to NOT opt out of our group mailing list, you are free to do so at your discretion. This is fair warning: if you opt out of our group email list, GNI will not make any additional efforts to keep in contact with you either by email, phone, or mail through the USPS. If you miss important announcements or opportunities that are provided to other members who receive our communications, we will not be obligated to offer you missed opportunities nor will we extend any deadlines for special offers, discounts, etc. to anyone that has opted out of our group email list. Please exercise great caution and understand the consequences before you decide to exercise this option. Return to Top

I can’t access the Member Directory with the Username and Password that I’ve chosen. Why not?

When you become a member or register for one of our events, you are given an opportunity to choose your Username and Password. Please keep this information in a safe place. If you can't access the Member Directory, you can reset your password using the link provided on the login screen. Return to Top

My profile is hidden in the Member Directory. Neither I, nor any other member, can find my profile when they search the directory. How do I unhide my profile so my name appears in member searches?

Members can hide or unhide their profile in the Member Directory anytime they wish.  It’s easy to do and can be done anytime.  Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your profile using your login credentials in the Member Directory.
  2. Click on “Profile” in the main navigation bar.
  3. Under "Settings", click on the sublink called "Directory Settings."
  4. Uncheck the box entitled, “None” and choose either "All Directories" or "Members Only." (At this time, members will display in "Members Only").
  5. Click the “Update” button.

Your profile is now unhidden and can be viewed by you and other members in search requests. Return to Top

I want to change my Username and/or Password. How do I change that?

  1. Login to your profile using your login credentials in the Member Directory.
  2. Click on “Profile” in the main navigation bar.
  3. Under "Settings", click on the sublink called "Login Info."
  4. Enter a new password and confirm it a second time. Passwords must match and comply with the system's password criteria.
  5. Click the “Update” button.

. Return to Top

I'd like to share personal photos with other members in my photo gallery. Where do I upload photos and where will they appear?

  1. Login to the Member Directory with your Username and Password.
  2. Click on "Profile" in the main navigation.
  3. Click on "My Stuff" and you will see all of the fields available that you can use to customize your profile.
  4. Click on the "Choose File" button for "Pic 01" and you will be able to navigate to the photo that you want to upload on your device. At this time, photo galleries are limited to twelve (12) photos, but you can change them anytime you want. Continue to upload additional photos until you are finished.
  5. Click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.

Your personal photo gallery pics will now appear in the Member Directory under your listing for others to view.

I made a mistake with some of the information in my membership application. I am not able to change the information on the form I submitted but want to correct it. Will my information be incorrect?

If you discover that you’ve submitted incorrect information on your application (which can happen since we’re all human), simply email the GNI Business Office to let us know what information should be corrected. We’ll make every effort to correct your information as soon as possible. You will also be able to log in to your online profile and make corrections yourself with most of the fields in your profile, so there is no reason to panic if information needs to be corrected. If you find that some of the fields are un-editable, just email the Business Office with your corrections and we’ll make the changes for you. Return to Top

I forgot my Username and/or Password. How do I request my Username and Password from the GNI Business Office?

The Business Office prefers that you use the automated online assistance tool. Any member who has a valid email address on file with GNI can visit our website, click on the “Reset Password” link, enter your email address and submit your request. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email allowing you to reset your password. You are also welcome to email the GNI Business Office, but if you do so, you may not receive an immediate response. In lieu of waiting for the office to respond to your request, we recommend that you use the online assistance tool. Note: be sure to use the email address on file with GNI. If you use an alternate email, the system will not find your profile or send you a link to reset your password. Return to Top

Oops … I unsubscribed from the Contact Center by mistake (or someone unsubscribed me from an email that I forwarded to them), and I’d like to resubscribe to receive emails from GNI. How do I do that?

Sometimes mistakes happen.  You don’t want an email from us so instead of deleting the email from your inbox, you click on “Unsubscribe” found at the bottom of every email that we send through GNI’s Contact Center.  (It’s Federal Law that an unsubscribe link be included in all mass emails). Or, you forwarded one of our emails to a friend of yours who clicked on the unsubscribe link, thinking that he was subscribed to GNI’s email, but inadvertently unsubscribed *you* instead. Now you want to opt back in to the Contact Center and receive email from GNI.  Here are the steps to resubscribe yourself.

  1. Login to your profile using your login credentials in the Member Directory.
  2. Click on “Profile” in the main navigation bar.
  3. Under "Settings", click on the sublink called "Email Settings."
  4. Click on "NO" to toggle the value to "YES" under the Email Settings section. This will resubscribe you to our general email blasts. If you want to subscribe (or unsubscribe) from any additional email topics, either check or uncheck the respective box next to the topic.
  5. Click the “Update Email Settings” button.

You have now resubscribed yourself to GNI’s Contact Center. Return to Top

I don’t have a computer or an email address, but I want to be a member of GNI. Can I sign up for a membership?

Yes, you can, but it makes communicating with you very difficult. We must use the technology provided in order for us to most effectively communicate with you. If you do not have a computer or an email address that we can use to contact you, GNI does not have any way to use our electronic communication tools to keep you informed. Thus, you will not receive any contact from GNI. Return to Top

I have an email address but it’s used for business. I do not want email from GNI coming to an account that I use for work. What should I do?

There are a number of free email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live!) that we would suggest you investigate. In order to have a membership, we highly encourage you to use a valid email address that will accept mail from the domain. Return to Top

My partner and I signed up for a couples membership, but we both share the same email address. Do we both have separate profiles in the Member Directory?

Absolutely, yes! Each member of GNI has his own individual profile in the Member Directory. Each profile is unique to the member’s name, not to the email address that is used. When a couple’s profile is created, both members will be notified of their Username and Password log-in information. The information will be sent to the same email address, though. If either of your forget your Password, you will not be able to reset a password if the two of you are sharing an email address. This is a change made by the programmers for security reasons. You can contact the GNI Business Office if you need assistance with resetting a password. Return to Top

I have an email address, but my partner does not. How will he be notified of announcements from GNI?

He won't. If your partner does not have an email address, GNI will need to rely on you to communicate important announcements to him. We will set his profile up with your email address. Return to Top

Both of us have decided to cancel our email account, but we want to remain members of GNI. How will GNI keep in contact with us?

We won't. If you cancel your email account, GNI will not contact you through electronic means any longer. We will not attempt to contact you through any other means. Return to Top

How do I retrieve my membership card from the Member Directory?

Log in to your profile with your Username and Password. You will find your membership card on the "Welcome" page or by navigating the the link in the main navigation. Return to Top

Help! I lost my membership card. How do I request that another one be sent to me?

No worries. If you’ve lost your membership card or are in need of a replacement, simply log back in to the Member Directory and reprint your card from your personal profile. Your membership card will stay in your profile at all times. Return to Top

I moved and changed my contact information. Will I receive a new membership card?

Any time your profile is updated, you can immediately print a new membership card. Return to Top

I just became a new member (or renewed my membership) and logged in to the Member Directory. Is my membership card available immediately?

Yes! Membership cards are updated in real-time and are available immediately after a profile has been created by the Business Office. Return to Top

Why is the street address hidden from all of the profiles when I do a search? I’d like to see the whole address.

The Board of Directors of GNI are concerned about members’ privacy. With the ability to post a membership directory online, we want to be sure that your personal information is not harvested by others for personal or commercial use. In order to keep your contact information secure, the address and zip / postal codes of our members are not viewable by other members. Furthermore, all phone numbers and birth dates are also hidden from view. Return to Top

I don’t want to be listed in the Member Directory. How do I know that my profile won’t appear?

At the time you apply for, or renew, your membership, you are given the option to have your profile listed in the Member Directory or hidden from everyone’s view. If you want to verify your request, just login to the Member Directory and conduct a Directory search. Return to Top

I don’t want some information displayed in the Member Directory. Can I just delete that information from my profile so it’s not there to ensure others can’t see it?

No, please do not delete any of the information in your profile. Most of the fields in your profile are hidden from public view anyway, so if you delete any records, you are removing it from use by the Business Office. Removing basic contact information may jeopardize your membership. Return to Top

I would like to add my photo to my profile. How do I upload my photo?

  1. Log in to the Member Directory, click on “Profile
  2. You'll see either a standard profile icon or the image that you want to change. Either way, simply click on the image and you can navigate to the image on your device that you want to upload.  
  3. Choose your photo and click the “Upload” button. Return to Top

Are there size limitations to the photo that I can upload?

Yes. Maximum file size is 5 MB for profile photos but we recommend using a smaller file-sized photo to speed up loading times. We accept JPG, GIF, and PNG file types. Return to Top

I have more than one photo that I’d like to have in my profile. Can I have multiple photos?

Sorry – the software that runs our Member Directory allows for only one profile photo. You can change your photo at anytime by uploading a photo yourself. Return to Top

How do I search for other member profiles?

Log in to the Member Directory with your Username and Password. Once you are logged in, click on the Member Directory sublink in the main navigation under "Membership" and you will be presented with some search features of first and last name, city, state / province, and country. You can also click on the "View All Records" link found next to the "Reset Form" button at the bottom of the screen.  Return to Top

I am traveling and would like to know if there are local nude clubs in the area. Can I find listings for those clubs online?

Yes – the listing of Clubs is available for all members and the general public to view. You do not have to be a member of GNI to access the club listing. If you are looking for a particular club, you may use the search feature to narrow your search parameters. Return to Top

I recently moved and want to notify the GNI Business Office of the change of information. Can I send the office an email with the changes or is there another way to update my contact information?

Sure, you can notify the GNI Business Office of any change in your profile information and we’ll make the changes for you or you can log in to your personal profile and edit most of the fields yourself. Due to the number of members who would delete their contact information, any change to your address needs to be submitted to the Business Office and we will update that for you. Members are no longer able to edit or remove their mailing address from the Member Directory. Return to Top

I received an announcement from the Board or Staff. The message went to an old email account I don’t use. How do I update my email address so announcements can be sent to my correct and current email address?

If you are a current member and have your Username and Password, log in to the Member Directory and change your email address to one that you would like to use through the “Profile” link. If you do not have your Username and Password, the online assistance tool will not be able to assist you since your information will be sent to the email address that you are not using any more. Send an email to the GNI Business Office and we’ll either make the changes for you or provide you with your access information so you can change the information yourself. If your membership has lapsed and would like to update your email address, send an email to the GNI Business Office and we will update your profile for you. Return to Top

I changed some of my information and see that some of my entries have been edited. Why was that information changed?

The Business Office exports member contact information from the Member Directory and occasionally creates mailing labels, mail merges, etc. The Post Office requests that we use standardized mailing addresses with USPS approved abbreviations; thus, we may make some edits to your mailing information to ensure it complies with USPS standards. We will standardize telephone number formats for domestic (US) numbers and we will also correct any misspelled words, punctuation, run-on sentences, etc., in your Comments so it’s easier for our members to read. Return to Top

How do I cancel my membership and have my name removed from the Member Directory?

Contact the GNI Business Office and let us know of your wishes. Upon receipt of an email, letter, postcard, etc., we’ll deactivate your profile and remove you from our active membership roster. Sorry - requests for refunds for prorated membership dues will not be given. Return to Top

I still have questions about the Member Directory. Whom should I contact?

For any additional questions about the Member Directory, please contact the GNI Business Office. Return to Top