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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 5 “Life is Great; Live it Nude!” SEPTEMBER 2012
Bare-arsed Down Under

By Wayne P., past GNI member
God only knows why I business with Glenn, my
turned out to be a naturist. partner of ten years, it
As a kid, we weren’t even was an endeavor where
allowed to sit up to the we could combine our
table for lunch without a livelihood with our life-
Dates of special interest: singlet [men’s sleeveless style.
undershirt], and we were Hence…Skinny Dips at
Naked Getaway™: LANG taught it was very rude to Avoca was born! A warm,
Palm Springs Two Week- be seen naked or see coastal location, a mini
end - Palm Springs, Califor- someone else naked. Per- resort and spa targeted at
nia, USA haps it was a belated form gay men, an opportunity
September 28 - 30, 2012 of rebellion as a teenager? to fall back onto two of
By my late teens (at which
Naked Getaway™: Bone time I had moved away my talents (cooking and
Island Bare It All Weekend - from home in the country massage) and an idyllic
Key West, Florida, USA lifestyle, which offered an
Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2012 and started “city dwelling”) escape from twenty years
I loved Australia’s many
GNI Gathering - Pocono beautiful nude beaches in the corporate rat race.
(The joy of trading in my
Mountains, Pennsylvania, (some official and some Photo by: Skinny Dips
USA not) and developed a fetish Hugo Boss suits for a
August 16 - 25, 2013 for skimpy wet Speedos Speedo!) to get naked); it’s entirely
and posing thongs (or per- We learned that not all gay up to our guests. What we
haps it was the site of men are uninhibited about do find, is that the guys
other guys in said gear). nudity, so even the business who have reservations
about nudity pretty soon
Throughout my adult life, name caused a ripple when get it all off once they real-
I’ve always been drawn to we began advertising. More ize they’re in the company
guys who share my enjoy- than once I’ve had a phone of like-minded men. Natu-
ment of the outdoors and enquiry that went along the rally there’s the occasional
the annual strive for the lines of, “We’ve seen your guy who practically pole
perfect all-over suntan. ads, and we’d love to get vaults around the pool
away for a break, but we don’t area, unable to hide his
Inside this issue: So it was logical that, when have to get naked, do we?” excitement. But let’s face
I decided to establish a We don’t take a hard line on it, we read (and hear) that
Win a week-long nude the issue (to get naked or not Continued on page 4
cruise! 2
Sound bites do not a news meal make
Naked yoga classes 3 By Bob Morton., Executive Director, NAC
I’m frequently contacted by the first bit of research is ac- best I can do in those cir-
About men’s naturist 3 writers and producers from tually begun. cumstances is to insist on
the “news” media. Most an abbreviated interview in
Become a GNI 4 often, they want a sound Occasionally, I’ll hear from a which I can offer a handful
member bite or a factoid that sup- reporter who is genuinely in- of short sound bites. Un-
ports the context of a story terested in doing some inves- surprisingly, the laziest
Bone Island bares it all 6 for which they are con- tigation before the final ver- writers wish to control what
vinced they already know sion of the story is crafted. I say, so that it fits the con-
Contact GNI 6 the facts. It should not sur- Those are professionals to be clusion they’ve already
valued, but they’re rare.
prise you that many such written. That has led to
news stories are almost outrageously leading ques-
completely finished before Too often, the writer is a tions like: “So, you would
drone on a deadline. The very
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