Yoga Foundations Retreat

If you are new to yoga, or haven’t been practicing regularly, or just want a less challenging complement to your vacation time, then this is the retreat for you.

Dare To Begin – This year dare to start something new during our naked camp! Find, build, or refine your Yoga Foundation!

  •     Learn that yoga is more than contorting yourself into a pretzel: we will talk about the 8 limbs of yoga
  •     Learn that it is not the flexibility of your body but the calmness of the mind that makes a good yogi
  •     Learn some of the fundamental poses and moves of the physical yoga practice and how to modify them to fit your unique and beautiful body
  •     Learn how to use the breath to attain present moment awareness
  •     Connect with other campers on a level that is deeper than during casual conversation
  •     This is a ‘Basic’ practice
  •     Class size limit 24


  •     Anticipate a Friday evening session, 3 Saturday sessions, and a Sunday session
  •     Allot 90 - 120 minutes for each session
  •     All classes will be nude


  •     The fee to attend the Weekend Yoga Retreat is $125


Michael is a certified Power Yoga Instructor and the founder of "Central Ohio Nude Yoga for Men" (COHNUGA), a men's nude yoga group that meets Columbus. A few years ago, he opted for an early retirement from his IT job to make yoga his primary focus. In addition to COHNUGA, he is a yoga instructor at The Dharma House Columbus and works with private clients. Michael has been teaching yoga at GNI since 2013. Check out his bio.