Page 5 - The Gay Naturist E-former - May 2015
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Musical talent also drawn from GNI ranks

Story by Jon P., photos by Joe Lonsway

    GNI is bringing together three talented      Performing on GNI’s internationally-
men from the GNI ranks to present up to      known stage on Monday evening are John
90 minutes of exciting, homegrown musi-      M. playing his catchy, fun, original songs,
cal entertainment during The Gathering.      Rich B. on keyboard, and Jon P. on violin
You’ll hear a wide variety of music, rang-   performing classical favorites.
ing from original songs to classical show-
stoppers.                                        The talent these men bring to our stage
                                             will surely be a delight to all!

GNI E-former  May 2015                      Monday evening (August 24) at GNI’s 30th
                                             Anniversary Gathering, three talented GNI mem-
                                             bers will present a musical variety show. Clockwise
                                             from above: John M. on guitar  Rich B. on key-
                                             board  Jon P. on violin

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